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Tuesday December 5th


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The Dramaturgical Death of a Titan: ‘Succession’ 4x3 review

This past Sunday, I excitedly sat down with my friend to watch “Connor’s Wedding,” the third episode of the final season of HBO Max original series, “Succession.” As a big “Conhead,” I was so excited to see an episode focused on Connor for once. My friend, on the other hand, told me immediately she was skeptical that the episode was about Connor’s wedding. I should have listened to her, since HBO originals and weddings are rarely a good mix. Little did we know how quickly things would derail, and little did we know that we were about to watch one of the best episodes of television ever. 

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‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ is the pinnacle of action cinema

What started as a vengeance against animal cruelty has blossomed into a full-blown universe full of assassins around every corner. For nearly a decade, the “John Wick” franchise has been continually raising the bar for action in movies. After much anticipation, the newest installment to the series is here, promising to raise the stakes once more for the legendary hitman.

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“Moe Fields” was published on May 8, 2021 (photo Courtesy of Amazon Books).

‘Moe Fields’ book review: The power of perseverance

“Moe Fields,” written by ‘72 alum Stuart Goldstein, is a biography about Morris “Murray” Goldman and the lives of his sons, Alan, Zachary and Gary. The novel charts Morris’ experiences through his adolescence during the Great Depression to his death in the 1970s and follows the lives of his children into the 1980s.

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‘Glass Onion’ unravels another brilliant Knives Out mystery

The original “Knives Out” movie is one of my favorite films ever, so when it was announced that director Rian Johnson would be back for a sequel on Netflix, I was over the moon. I was even more excited to learn that “Glass Onion” would be in theaters this week only for an early screening before it premieres on Netflix on Dec. 23. My expectations were high since this was a follow-up to a movie near and dear to my heart and Johnson is one of my favorite directors. Thankfully, those expectations were somehow exceeded as this film still blew me away.

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Disney’s ‘Andor’ is a breath of fresh air for ‘Star Wars’ fans

When it was announced during Disney Investor Day in late 2020 that Tony Guillory, who was the co-writer of 2015’s “Rogue One,” would be writing a series centered around Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), one of the lead characters from Disney's “Rogue One,” it certainly wasn’t a highlight for many fans. The show had struggled with getting off the ground and dealing with production issues due to the pandemic, especially with Guillory not being available to direct. Many fans thought this series wouldn’t even come into existence — let alone be anything astounding.

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'Falling for Christmas' Review: A Christmas Catastrophe

“Christmas is the time for miracles,” says child actress Olivia Perez in Netflix’s new film “Falling for Christmas.” Unfortunately, it’s not Christmas, and there are no miracles that could have saved the film. “Falling for Christmas” also stars “Mean Girls” actress Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet and George Young. While Netflix released the rom-com on Nov. 10, the film did not kindle any joy for the upcoming holiday season and only created nonsensical cliches, cringe-worthy subplots and terrible acting. 

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