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Saturday June 15th

Jenna Rittman

The film features jumpscares, an underlying eerienes and a gruesome ending (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

Sydney Sweeney stars in the new horror movie ‘Immaculate’

The American psychological horror film “Immaculate” released earlier this month on March 22 and has received mixed reviews from critics. The film has received an average rating of 6.4/10, and the critics consensus reads “Immaculate in conception if not always in execution, this religiously themed horror outing is saved by a divine performance from Sydney Sweeney.”

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Mitski performed fan favorites, such as “Nobody,” “Washing Machine Heart,” “I Bet on Losing Dogs” and more during her first stop at The Met in Philadelphia. (Photo Courtesy of Jenna Rittman / Correspondent)

Mitski’s first night at The Met in Philadelphia

Around a month after Mitski released her recent album, “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We,” she announced that she was going on tour in the United States and Europe. She made two stops to The Met in Philadelphia for her tour. My friend and I were lucky enough to score tickets for the first night on Feb. 6.

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