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Monday May 20th


According to multiple sources, at least 31 faculty members have accepted the voluntary separation offer (Photo by Shane Gillespie / Photo Editor).

Faculty voluntary separation leaves some departments scrambling, others largely untouched

Faculty members and librarians over the age of 60 or who have been employed by the College for at least 20 years were presented with a voluntary separation offer in an email from Interim Provost Suzanne McCotter on March 21. The proposition provided these faculty with the option of a one year alternate assignment beginning this upcoming fall before they would be fully relieved of their job — a benefit that regular retirees do not receive.

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Jared Williams and Trish Le were recently elected as executive president and executive vice president (Photo courtesy of Jared Williams).

A talk with Jared Williams and Trish Le: Your new executive leaders

The two executives have a lot planned for their senior year, including advocating the return of tailgating back to campus, supporting student organizations and introducing a third-party dining location to campus. Among these ambitions, Williams and Le anticipate a lot of due diligence but are most excited about being representatives for the student body. 

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