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Saturday April 13th


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OPINION: Civility is dead — Just check the comments section

In today’s society, there is a widely held belief that if people choose to post themselves on social media, they are deserving of any criticism that results from them having an online presence, even an assault on their very existence. It has become commonplace to attack people through social platforms based on qualities that can be construed as “irritating.”

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The Super Bowl halftime show is a near-mythological pop-culture event. (Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show, Minneapolis MN” / February 6, 2018)

OPINION: Great halftime shows have three key elements

The Super Bowl halftime show has rightfully gained a legacy as being a huge honor for the artist chosen. As far as testaments to one’s artistic ability go, successfully swaying the audience at the Super Bowl is perhaps the pinnacle. A successful halftime show is a complicated formula of varying factors, factors that ensure that a performance will be successful, or in other words, memorable.

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Students in a clinical or practicum must follow their district's schedule in the event of a snow day (Photo by Shane Gillespie / Photo Editor)

OPINION: Snow days should apply to everyone, including student teachers

The College needs to heavily reconsider what they expect of student teachers on snow days. There is currently a rule that all students in a clinical or practicum are expected to follow their district’s schedule and go to their respective placements in the event of a snow day. This is risking the safety of our students, which can be prevented if we can follow the College’s schedule rather than the respective districts.

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Streaming services are the most popular platforms through which Americans watch television (Photo courtesy of Flickr).

OPINION: Today’s streaming services are underwhelming

Gone are the days of cable TV, as streaming services are more convenient for people who want to binge-watch movies or one of their favorite shows. Despite this, the quality of such services is often not discussed. If you have most of these streaming platforms, you’ll be able to access a wide variety of great movies and shows. Individually, however, I believe that most of them have glaring problems.

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“Midnights” pales in comparison to Swift’s other works (Photo courtesy of Apple Music).

OPINION: ‘Midnights’ didn’t deserve AOTY at the Grammys

The Grammys this year pleasantly surprised me. However, despite the many successes of the night, I couldn’t help but scowl at my TV when they awarded Taylor Swift her fourth Album of the Year win for her tenth studio album, “Midnights.” “Midnights,” with its confused writing, lackluster production and stale context leaves me with a cynical suspicion – that it won not because of its quality, but rather because of the huge year that Swift had.

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OPINION: There must be more non-stereotypical Black characters in TV and film

When you hear the phrase “Black TV and film,” what’s the first movie or show that pops into your head? “Boyz In The Hood?” “Friday?” “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air?” “Roots?” “12 Years a Slave?” “Madea?” Not to diminish the greatness of those shows and films, but I believe that Black Hollywood is overly saturated with shows and films that center around harmful Black stereotypes or slave period pieces. 

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Photo by Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator

OPINION: Technology cannot determine chemistry

Finding a romantic partner isn’t always as easy as it looks. While some people seem to literally bump into their soul mate, others have trouble making that “stars-aligned” connection. Enter social media apps. The solution for all your dating woes – or so we thought. With just one swipe, friend request or direct message on apps such as Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram, we can connect to and communicate with potential partners.

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Photo by Lilly Ward

OPINION: Desk assistants are no longer in the apartments: Here’s why residents should care

Just as some residents may have concerns about the security of the buildings without DAs, other students may remain unfazed by this new change implemented by Residential Education and Housing, who made the decision to remove DAs in an attempt to reduce costs at a time when the College is facing budget shortfalls. This decision raises the question: should security in residential halls be compromised to cut down on costs?

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

OPINION: Warner Bros. must return to its roots

In the rugged years spanning from 2020 to 2023, Warner Bros. grappled with a series of challenges that shook the very foundation of its operations. From financial woes to creative missteps, the studio faced a perfect storm of obstacles that tested its resilience and adaptability. 

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(Photo by Briana Keenan / News Editor)

OPINION: Men should not clean the women’s bathrooms, especially if people are inside

I get ready to shower before my 11 a.m. class, and hear some other girls come in and out of the bathroom. While I’m still in the shower, I hear the cleaning cart come in. When I finished getting dressed and stepped out to go to my room, I noticed that a man was cleaning the toilets. Whoever this cleaning staff member was did not knock, announce himself or make any effort to check if anyone was inside the bathroom before entering. I was shocked.

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Finding the perfect roommate is arguably the greatest source of stress for incoming college students. (Photo by Kate Zydor / Opinions Editor)

OPINION: Roommates do not have to equal friends

For incoming college students, there is an immense amount of pressure surrounding choosing a roommate who will not only be compatible with their living habits but also become their instant best friend. We've all heard our fair share of horror stories about roommates gone wrong, and we place tremendous focus on ensuring that our experiences will be different. With that being said, not all roommates are going to be best friends and that is okay.

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(Photo by Briana Keenan / News Editor)

OPINION: The transition back from winter break can be a struggle for students at the College

While the time off allowed me to see friends from high school, spend time with my family and relax after my first semester, the start of this semester has made me find comfort in a routine. Yet, anxiety about how much I have on my plate still lingers. Being back from break has reminded me that I must continue to take care of my mental health while transitioning back to campus life. 

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Matt Rife’s Netflix special received poor reviews (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Matt Rife isn’t funny

On Nov. 15, stand-up comedian Matt Rife released his first special with Netflix, titled “Matt Rife: Natural Selection.” It was met with a 16% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is one of the lowest scores I have ever personally seen for a standup special. 

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