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Sunday November 28th

Delaney Smith


OPINION: The ‘Heartbeat Bill’ is fervently anti-women

Texas recently passed a law that bans women from getting an abortion after a heartbeat has been detected in a fetus, which normally occurs around six weeks into a pregnancy — before most women even know they are pregnant. This new law does not provide exceptions to pregnancies from rape or incest. A man could rape a minor and that minor would have no legal way to abort the resulting fetus. 

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During the lunch rush hour, many students still choose the Brower Student Center despite the loss of Meal Equiv (Isabel Smith / Photographer).

Students express their confusion, disappointment at loss of Meal Equivalency

Citing concerns about Covid-19, the College has decided for the 2021-2022 school year to remove the Meal Equivalency program, which encouraged students to eat at other locations besides the Atrium at Eickhoff Hall. The removal of Meal Equivalency was meant to reduce the number of students eating at one time, therefore encouraging social distancing and smaller crowds, according to the Executive Director for Auxiliary and Contract Services Karen Roth and as reported by The Signal.

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