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Saturday June 15th

Student Government

Jared Williams and Trish Le were recently elected as executive president and executive vice president (Photo courtesy of Jared Williams).

A talk with Jared Williams and Trish Le: Your new executive leaders

The two executives have a lot planned for their senior year, including advocating the return of tailgating back to campus, supporting student organizations and introducing a third-party dining location to campus. Among these ambitions, Williams and Le anticipate a lot of due diligence but are most excited about being representatives for the student body. 

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(Photos courtesy of Emma Ferschweiler / Staff Writer)

Spirit Week wraps up with homecoming activities and performances

The College’s campus welcomed students and parents to enjoy this year’s annual homecoming activities on Oct. 21 and Oct. 22. Student government collaborated with the Division of Student Affairs to plan the entire week’s events, including the weekend’s Homecoming Fest. The Student Finance Board funded the commencement events of the weekend. 

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(Photo courtesy of Karla Fonseca / Staff Writer)

The College hosts the kickoff for 2022 NJ Ballot Bowl

The College hosted the kickoff for the 2022 NJ Ballot Bowl on Sept. 20, with special guest New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way, as well as a number of public officials and students from other universities, including Princeton University, Georgian Court University, Centenary University and Kean University.  

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(Stephanie Shen / Photo Editor)

Student Government: Goals, Function, and What They Really Do for TCNJ

Many students at the College are somewhat familiar with Student Government as a concept. Every semester, the student body is encouraged to vote in their elections. Students see the campaigns of our peers as they run for Student Government positions. Of course, their job is to “govern” the school, but how exactly does it function and what achievements has it made for the College? 

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Proposing new assistant vice president positions was the main goal of the Nov. 3 SG general body meeting (

Significant changes proposed in SG general body meeting

At the Student Government (SG) general body meeting on Nov. 3, the Structural Innovation Task Force presented an idea to restructure SG. The plan — proposed by Chief of Staff Lakshmi Gurram and arts and communications senator Peter Corso — included creating assistant vice president positions, creating roles with clear responsibilities and forming a committee with representatives from all divisions of student government to enhance their cohesiveness.

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The Oct. 27 SG general body meeting included a self-defense presentation and update on mask guidance on campus (

Patrolman Tyler McGilligan gives self-defense and situational awareness presentation at SG meeting; College mask mandate likely to continue for remainder of semester

On Oct. 27, at the student government (SG) meeting, Executive President Roshni Raji said that mask-wearing will most likely continue for the rest of the fall semester. She also said a critical conversation with College health board members will take place at the end of the semester about what was learned this fall in regards to Covid-19, as well as what the College’s protocols will be in the spring.

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The event was led by the Director of the Center for Community Engagement Brittany Aydelotte and the Director of Leadership Dr. Avani Rana ( 

SG alumni return for panel event

The College hosted an informative alumni panel led by Brittany Aydelotte, the director of the Center for Community Engagement at the College, on Friday, Oct. 8 at 11:00 a.m. Both Aydelotte and the Director of Leadership Dr. Avani Rana helped set up this event. The three alumni on the panel were Kari Osmond, Brandon McKoy and Rob Matos Moran. All of the panelists were members of Student Government (SG) when they were at the College. 

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Students raise their hands to ask questions for the dining services committee at the Sept. 29 SG meeting (Kiara Fernandez / Photographer).

Dining service representatives offer explanations for recent issues

The instability of dining services at the College has tarnished its reputation among the campus community. Sodexo, the College’s food service provider, and the College’s dining services are responsible for the food that is produced and the staff hired to serve the food. The students at the College have raised concerns about food quality and service, specifically at the Atrium at Eickhoff Hall.

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