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Tuesday February 27th

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Movie Poster for Westfield based "The Watcher" (Photo Courtesy IMDb).

Spooky movies based on real NJ events

This Halloween season, turn your attention to these frightening outlets of media, all of which were based on true events that happened within New Jersey's state lines. No matter where you live in this state, one of these instances is bound to be within closer proximity to your hometown than you’d imagine.

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Utagawa Kuniyoshi, “Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre or Mitsukuni Defying the Skeleton Spectre Invoked by Princess Takiyasha” (1884) (Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Petrusbarbygere, September 8, 2005). 

A brief history of the skeleton in art and science

It’s October, and suddenly all the skeletons are out of closets (physical ones–not metaphorical). They languish on porches and front steps, their plastic jaws unhinged as if surprised, their limp limbs dangling uselessly, eyeballs bulging in sockets that should be empty. 

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Horror as a genre has produced many pop-culture icons (Photo courtesy of Flickr, monstersforsale, February 22, 2018).

The history of the horror movie genre

The horror movie genre, at least the western iteration of it, is a relatively new phenomenon. Due to this modernity, it has a noticeable history that one can chart. Despite this, the origins of the genre are not common knowledge. It is often in understanding of our roots, that we can gain a deeper appreciation for what is happening in the present.

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