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Saturday June 15th


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OPINION: Infinity Pool - The Best Horror Film of 2023

As we are entering the final months of 2023, I feel it is now safe to say, with definitive certainty, that “Infinity Pool” is the best horror movie of this year. Setting aside the knockout performances from Skarsgaard, Goth, Coleman and the rest of the cast, the premise of this movie is unprecedented. I knew when I first saw this film that it was going to be the best movie of this year, because of how unprecedented and just how unique it is. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Romantic Picture” by Robert Doloczki / September 22, 2016).

OPINION: The power of gratitude

Life’s hard as a college student. I will not lie! My feelings have been all over the place recently after becoming a senior and coming close to the dreadful post-graduate life. To combat my sometimes overwhelming emotions, I’ve started practicing gratitude and thinking critically about how I react to the things around me. 

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

OPINION: I love weekend serenity on campus

There is a noticeable discrepancy in the amount of students on the College’s campus during weekends compared to weekdays. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, many students pack up their belongings and go home for the weekend. With a fairly empty campus, the College is a great place to spend a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Night Brooklyn New York City” by chsyang / January 17, 2023).

OPINION: Pete Davidson is a Gen Z Jesus

Davidson’s gift has paid off, as he is a millionaire and his social status shoots far higher than his financial status. This goes to show how far you can go with your personality and work ethic, no matter your problems or where you have come from. He has gone on to create the successful TV series “Bupkis,” the movie “The King of Staten Island” and has been involved in quite a few others. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “United States Capitol, Washington DC” by Pierre Blanché / December 11, 2019).

OPINION: The Congressional dress code is purely symbolic

Mid-September saw Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer announce that rules regarding the congressional dress code would be extremely relaxed. Plainly put, senators and representatives can wear things such as hoodies, T-shirts, shorts and otherwise casual attire. This change means you may see your representatives and senators sport a T-shirt and shorts as they make decisions regarding your life. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Exams Start… Now” by RM Images / January 26, 2008).

OPINION: Prepping for battle with midterms and finals

Many students, especially freshmen, fear the idea of taking midterms and finals. There are also those select freshmen who have never had or known what it is like to take such big cumulative sets of exams in their life. Being a recently graduated high school student, my high school never administered midterms or finals and instead compensated this by having teachers give quizzes about every two weeks so as to test whether or not you retained the knowledge and material. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Drew Barrymore 2 by David Shankbone” by David Shankbone / June 25, 2008).

OPINION: Drew Barrymore’s lesson in (im)patience

Since Sept. 10, actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore has been embroiled in controversy after her decision to resume filming of her morning talk show, “The Drew Barrymore Show” during the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Meaning, she planned to violate the terms of the strike by working with non-union writers, taking jobs away from writers who already were struggling due to the strike. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Phoebe Bridgers” by Thomson202019 / October 27, 2021). 

OPINION: Sad-girl music is liberating

It is when I decipher why the song touches me, that I experience liberation from whatever the lyrics remind me of. Liberation comes from gaining the language, through the artist's lyrics, to articulate feelings, and from rediscovering that I am not alone. 

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Commuters often need to devote extra time to driving and finding a parking space. (Photo courtesy of Flickr / “2018 Parking Lot” by Matthew Paul Argall / October 30, 2018).

OPINION: Getting the “college experience” as a commuter student

I knew when I first came to the College last year that being a commuter student would involve discipline. I lose over an hour a day of relaxing, doing homework, eating or pretty much anything I could just do if I were staying on campus to drive, so I need to use my time wisely. There were a few things, however, that I hadn’t expected about campus life, and they required a bit of personal adjustment.

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

OPINION: Heatwave versus freshman

With temperatures from mid to high 90s, it has felt as though the College has found itself in the epicenter of the sun as the campus was trapped in a heat wave. Since conquering the heat wave, I have been consistently telling my roommate how you do not know what it is like to be humbled until you start sweating in places you never knew you could sweat before.

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

OPINION: The Roar app should NOT be used as social media

Most students are encouraged to download the Roar app during their transition into the College. It is advertised as a resource for academics, extracurriculars and community. Unfortunately, because of the way that some folks use the app, what could have been an asset has turned into an irrelevant social-media-like platform. 

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(Photo courtesy Flickr / “TikTok” by Alachua County / March 6, 2023).

OPINION: TikTok trends brought back the freedom of girlhood

Channeling inner girlhood is a liberating feeling. Bringing back the excitement of being younger and being brought back to a simpler time eases the stress of growing up. Reminiscing on a time in our lives with more freedom and endless possibilities, and remembering what we used to dream of and how those experiences crafted the women we are now. Mentally returning to a period of our lives without the restrictions of societal expectations brings a sense of inner peace and temporarily mutes all of the outside pressures of being a woman in today’s world. 

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