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Saturday June 15th


TikTok recently added a shop feature to its platform (Photo courtesy of Flickr / “TikTok” by Solen Feyissa / August 2, 2020).

OPINION: TikTok shop is a capitalist ploy and consumerist trap for its users

It comes as no surprise that social media plays a huge role in trends dying hard and fast, leaving people to participate in fads that only last until something trendier comes along. Social media has the ability to market and announce anything with ease since influencers have the capacity to reach a large audience. Through social media’s influence, a slow and steady trend seems to be forming as with the rise of capitalism. That is, a rise of consumerism, which has drastically changed the ways in which people shop, allowing justification for unnecessary purchases without a second thought. 

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The College’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore sends too many emails (Photo courtesy of Shane Gillespie / Photo Editor).

OPINION: Bookstore emails border on spam

“Last Chance - 23% off Diploma Frames!” “Give the Gift of Tech!” “Higher Education Skincare is here!” Please! Spare students all of these email advertisements, we have enough emails to sift through. If you keep as close of an eye on your school email inbox as I do, you probably know what I’m talking about. Those repetitive emails from the College’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore that fill our inboxes weekly. They border on spam and scatter the emails that are actually important.

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“Echo” will be released in 2024 (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Disney’s upcoming ‘Echo’ series has the opportunity to solve one of Marvel's biggest problems

It's no surprise that after the thrilling conclusion to the Infinity Saga that was “Avengers Endgame,” Marvel has taken a decline in interest and viewership from fans. However, this is now arguably worse than ever. Phase Four was a mixed bag of success, with projects like “Spider-Man No Way Home” being a success earning nearly $2 billion dollars and “Wakanda Forever” earning $859 million at the box office, but many other projects struggled — specifically the Disney Plus shows. 

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The re-recording of Taylor Swift’s “1989” is far weaker than the original (Photo courtesy of Apple Music).

OPINION: ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ is not good

The last chorus showcases what is arguably the biggest issue with the record – the ad-libs. Ad-libs are extra vocal flourishes typically added to make the sound of a chorus larger. As a record, “1989” uses these to make its songs' choruses have progression, despite the repeating lyrics. On the original songs, their choruses are always larger than the last, with each song's final chorus creating a sense of climax with its copious amounts of ad-libs.

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Unfortunately in the current climate of social media, almost everything is subject to hate. Only time will tell if fans can look beyond physical appearances and appreciate the musical movie for its ode to both the original film and the Broadway hit, but for now, people will continue to hide behind screens and be outwardly hateful (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Fatphobia remains prominent as the new ‘Mean Girls’ trailer debuts

Paramount Pictures recently released the trailer for its movie adaptation of the 2018 Broadway musical “Mean Girls.” While many fans are excited to see the newest musical-movie rendition of Tina Fey’s original 2004 comedy film, some folks online have voiced harsh criticism towards specific cast members saying they were not what longtime fans expected — to put it lightly. 

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Turning clocks back 1 hour can negatively affect college students (Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Clocks” by Giallo / September 24, 2018).

OPINION: “Fall back” disadvantages college students

Most of the U.S. lost an hour of afternoon sunlight on Nov. 5, during the transition from Daylight Saving Time (DST) to Standard Time. Since the early 20th century, most of the U.S. has set their clocks forward in the spring, and then turned them back in the fall. This practice was once for the better, but it is no longer worth the hassle and negative effects.  

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Using the climate crisis as a marketing strategy is proof of just how out of touch celebrities like Kardashian are. She has the privilege to joke about it because the effects of it will not personally impact her — or if they start to, she has the safety blanket of a disposable income. (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Keeping up with the Kardashian’s performative activism

Kim Kardashian strikes again with The Skims Ultimate Nipple Bra — letting her privilege and blindness to real-world issues show. On the brink of Palestine crumbling, stories highlighting marginalized voices being banned and the ongoing climate crisis, celebrities like Kim Kardashian are showing they care more about making money than using their millions, or billions, of dollars to effectively enact change. 

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Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (Photo courtesy of Flickr / "Giants QB Daniel Jones" by All-Pro Reels / November 9, 2020).

OPINION: It is time for the Giants to move on from Daniel Jones

After a 9-7-1 season last year, in which the Giants made the playoffs and won their wild card game, they are 2-7 and filled with disappointment. Sure, a lot of the blame for the record can be placed on the fact that Daniel Jones has missed time due to injuries, but even with Jones as the starter, the team has been 1-6. While the Giants have not put the best pieces around their quarterback to help him succeed, the time has come for them to move on from Jones and to draft a quarterback with their first round pick in the upcoming National Football League (NFL) Draft.

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Some areas of the College need better infrastructure (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

OPINION: The College has an infrastructure problem

This occurrence and the lack of effort to fix the issue got me wondering about the poor infrastructure around campus, and how there are so many locations that need fixing. Yet, the efforts in trying to remedy those problems seem lackluster at best. It is not just that one walkway outside of Bliss Hall that has infrastructural issues. There are other locations, such as the unlevel surfaces in front of the Travers and Wolfe towers. 

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Some celebrities post on social media without fact checking (Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Instagram-logo” by Ken Ken / June 21, 2022).

OPINION: Reposting without researching — celebrities and spreading dangerous misinformation

During times of crisis, so much information comes out at once that it is very easy to make mistakes. However, as people in positions of great influence on many young and impressionable people, it is imperative that celebrities do research before hitting repost. In the most recent case, celebrities have been speaking up about the crisis in Gaza and have put minimal effort into researching before they post.

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

OPINION: The College is embarrassingly behind on environmental education

The society of the future is clearly green. Climate change is ravaging the globe and there needs to be vital changes. Colleges and universities throughout the world recognize this and have for decades aimed to educate students to work in environmental fields. While the College does have programs and classes dedicated to environmental topics, they miss a larger specialized educational opportunity.

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Many first-year students choose to live on campus, especially in the Travers and Wolfe towers (Photo courtesy of Albert Nunez / Staff Photographer).

OPINION: ResEd’s potential first-year residential requirement is the worst possible decision

At a recent Residential Education and Housing meeting, representatives outlined a potential new policy that the College may implement in the future that would require all first-year students to reside on campus. While there were a few noted exemptions to this policy that would likely be included, such as financial need, health conditions and students who live with their parents or guardians within 10 miles of campus, the idea itself is still likely to turn away prospective students.

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Students may be busier in college, but that does not mean that they are more stressed (Photo courtesy of Albert Nunez / Staff Photographer).

OPINION: College is less stressful than high school was

If asked to describe my life as a sophomore in college, I would say that new commitments keep flying at me on a whim, I have to constantly make rapid-fire decisions about my next moves and my workload is much heavier than ever before. This is all on top of the fact that I am also far busier than ever before. So why am I less stressed out now than I was in high school?

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Notebook Computer on Desk” by Image Catalog / October 23, 2015).

OPINION: There are Better Ways to Study

With school, I think half the battle is just completing the mountainous amount of work that needs to get done at a certain time. While there are copious amounts of studying for endless assignments, when it comes to homework, it feels like a chore at times. 

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(Photo courtesy of Brooke Zevon / Staff Photographer).

OPINION: Thoughts on the best level of the Lib

Of all the possible study spots on campus, the library is without a doubt one of the most popular places to go, and for good reason too. From the Library Café located conveniently on the first floor, to the four floors filled with study rooms and individual study cubicles, one can only wonder which floor is optimal for maximum studying sessions. I would say it depends on the mode of motivation and focus you want to have.

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr /  “Lawn” by Alan Kaplan / May 13, 2020).

SATIRE: Vegan Spotted Eating Earth!

A man was seen catapulting through the air only to land on the ground and wildly bite into a front lawn last week, demolishing a bush of azaleas in the process. After being reported to police by the lawn’s owner, Robert Travers, the man tested negative for rabies and positive for veganism. 

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