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Monday May 20th

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Bears have to eat from 80 to 90 pounds of food every day in the summer and fall in order to prepare for winter hibernation. They may lose up to one-third of that weight before waking up in the spring. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service/“Bears at Falls in July.” January 18, 2018).

Grazer wins annual Fat Bear Week in Katmai National Park

Every year, the Alaskan Brown Bears of Katmai National Park hunt salmon and forage to prepare for the long harsh winter months. As nature takes its course and the summer months end, millions of onlookers vote on the weight gaining transformations that a handful of bears experience.  Bear 128, Grazer, won on Sept. 10 with a lead of over 80,000 votes against Bear 32, or Chuck, after beating three other bears. 

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